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Garbage Collection & Recycling

“Gomi” ごみ (also written as ゴミ) is the Japanese word for garbage.
Garbage sorting and recycling in Japan is a very serious business. Proper garbage disposal according to
the local rules is one of the essential manners in this country.

In Hakuba, gomi is basically classified into 19 types.
< ” ”The name commonly called in Japanese.>

①Burnable garbage“Moeru-gomi”
③Paper containers & packaging “Kami”
⑤Corrugated cardboard“Danbouru”
⑦Magazine & waste paper“Zasshi/Zatsu-gami”
⑨White tray“Shiroi-torei”
⑪Glass bottles“Garasu-bin”
⑬Clothes & cloth“Irui”
⑮Dry cell battery“Kandenchi”
⑰Mercury thermometer“Suigin-ondokei”
⑲Bulky waste “Sodai-gomi”
②Metals “Kinzokurui”
④Paper beverage cartons“Kami-pakku”
⑥Newspaper & leaflet “Shinbunshi / chirashi”
⑧Plastic containers & packaging“Pura”
⑩Plastic(PET) bottles“Petto-botoru”
⑫Aluminium cans“Arumi-kan”
⑭Glass & pottery scraps“Garasu/toujiki-kuzu”
⑯Fluorescent lamp“Keikoutou”
⑱Small-scale home appliances “Kogata-kaden”

        There is specific detailed guidance on each type of gomi; Generally speaking, you will need to
sort, clean and dry them, and then put them out in separate bags on the designated day.
        The following guideline and poster help you understand the garbage sorting practice in Hakuba Village.

Garbage sorting guide
Poster (front)

Garbage sorting guide
Poster (back)
(published on June 30, 2018)

Hakuba Village Garbage Sorting Guide (FY2018)
(whole book:PDF 12.5MB)(published on Aug 1, 2018)


□Garbage disposal system in Japan
1 Types of Garbage & Recyclable Materials in Hakuba
2 Recycling marks in Japan
3 Ward Garbage Station (calendar)
4 Hakuba Sanroku Clean Center
5 Licensed Waste Collectors
6 Designated garbage bags

Garbage sorting guide:

① Burnable garbage
② Metals ・③ Paper containers & packaging・④Paper cartons
⑤ Corrugated cardboard・⑥ Newspaper & leaflet・⑦ Magazine & waste paper
⑧ Plastic containers & packaging
⑨ White food tray・⑩ Plastic (PET) bottle・⑪ Glass bottle
⑫ Aluminium cans・⑬ Clothes & cloth・⑭ Glass & pottery scraps
⑮ Dry cell battery・⑯ Fluorescent lamp・⑰ Mercury thermometer・⑱ Small-scale home appliances
⑲ Bulky waste (Matsukawa Bulky Waste Station)
Subsidy for Garbage Composting Device・Cleaning of Septic Tank and Wate Water Tank

Hakuba Sanroku Clean Center

pdfNew clean center rules come into effect from August 1,2018

Matsukawa Bulky Waste Station

pdfChange of prepaid garbage bags < From August 1, 2018. >


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