Official Envelope Ads Wanted!

        For the purpose to provide various kinds of information to villagers, also to invigorate the regional economy and to secure our independent revenue sources, Hakuba Village is now recruiting advertisements on official envelopes. Details are as below.

Envelope type Quantity Ad size No. of Ads Upset price To apply
Common Use
229x324 mm (角20)
10,000 60mm(H)x 80mm(W) Max. of 4 \20,000 General Affairs Division
Common Use
90x225 mm (長40)
10,000 50mm(H)x 70mm(W) Max. of 3 \15,000
Common Use
120x235 mm (長3)
20,000 60mm(H) x 80mm(W) Max. of 3 \40,000

※Common use envelope is used for sending all kinds of village office’s notifications and documents.

◆ Printing position: rear side of envelope (single color printing)

◆ Insertion rate : decided by bidding

◆ Application Period : Jun 1 (Fri) ~ Jun 15 (Fri), 2017

◆ Advertisement content:: Contents which meet the criteria determined by Hakuba Village

◆ Documents to submit : Application form, Quotation form, Manuscript and drawing of the advertisement

◆ Selection criteria: Advertisement which passes the screening of examination committee with the highest bid

◆ Others: Please confirm all criteria and regulations before placing your bid.

※Necessary forms and list of criteria can be downloaded from Hakuba official homepage(in Japanese), or you may seek assistance at General Affairs Division.(☎ 0261-72-7002)


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