= Be Bear Aware !! =

Recently, the number of bear sighting report to the village office has been increasing. Some of those were sighted near residential areas or school commuting routes. See the following safety tips and be alert for bears at all times.

1. The bears become more active in the morning and evening. Please refrain from going near the areas that are likely to attract bears or where bears have been sighted in the past.

2. Bears are fond of plants food like Sakura. Do not get near where the bears may go for food, also not to place anything which may attract bears around your house.

3. Bring a bear bell, a radio or something makes sound with you while going out for a walk, or when going into the mountain or brushwood.

※About environment maintenance

There were bears sighted in abandoned farmlands. To keep the bears away, keep the grass around your house short and never leave food / garbage outside your house.

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