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Trail Study Programme in Hakuba Public Elementary / Junior High School

 The trial study programme is targeted for the students who are currently studying aboard or the family with school-age children which has a plan to move to Hakuba. Those who fulfil any of the following requirements can enrol the child in this trial study programme. The application will be approved or rejected based on the school’s individual circumstances.
  1. The child or either the father or the mother who had a resident registration in Hakuba village for at least 1 year. (Including the non-Japanese residents who had a registered address after July 9, 2012)
  2. The child who was a student in any of the school in Hakuba Village for at least 1 year.
  3. A child who does not fall in any of the above, but will be moving to Hakuba village with his/her family within 1 year.

1. Trial School

 The children will be assigned to the corresponding elementary / junior high school of their living district in Hakuba. (It does not apply to those who fall into Bmentioned above.)

2. Trial period

 No longer than 1 month (The student cannot join the study tour or extracurricular lessons within the trial study period in principle.)

3. Textbooks

 The applicants are responsible for preparing the textbooks in principle. 

4. Cost

 The actual expenses for school meals, textbooks and learning materials are necessary.
 Medical expenses during the trial period are on a self-pay basis. We highly recommend the child to subscribe to travel insurance or other private insurance.
 Regarding the school meal, please consult the school in advance if the child has a food allergy.

5. Application procedures

  1. Applications should be submitted to Hakuba Board of Education at least 30 days before the date of the desired trial period. We apologise that the requests may be rejected due to language problems or other particular demand in facilities that our schools cannot cope with.
  2. Applicants will be informed of the result unofficially by phone or email after the discussion between Board of Education and the school.
  3. Hakuba Board of Education would post the official notification to the applicant afterwards.
  4. For successful applicants, please contact the assigned school directly for the admission arrangements after receiving the official notification.

6. Other

 In case of emergency (spreading of new type influenza, etc.), the procedures mentioned above may be changed.

【Application documents】

  A.  Application form for trial study programme
  B. For children who are living abroad : A photocopy of the child’s passport
 For children who have resident registration in Japan : Residence Certificate for the entire household
  C. A ritten statement of guardianship duties
  (A statement of duties that the guardian in Hakuba would bear the whole responsibility for taking care of the child.)

Application forms Download

 pdf Application for Trial Study Programme (125KB 1ページ)

 word Application for Trial Study Programme (46KB 1ページ)

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