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To keep our village beautiful and comfortable

About manners of Hakuba village

Ordinance of the manners

 to protect beautiful landscapes and comfortable living environment.

Hakuba village has enacted a basic ordinance protecting beautiful village landscape and comfortable living environment as common treasures will in 2015.


Hakuba village office conducts awareness campaign by flyer, poster and signboard

for the increasing number of foreign tourists in recent year.


Ordinance prohibits littering garbage, midnight fireworks, leaving the feces of a domestic dog, skiing and snowboarding on the streets, providing alcoholic drinks after 2 am.


When you face these behavior of annoying, please call.

General Division, Hakuba village office                 Telephone: 0261-72-7002

Hakuba police station                                 Telephone: 0261-72-2009


For inquiry of this article : General Division, Hakuba village office

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電話番号:0261-72-7002 ファックス:0261-72-7001