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Driver's License

How to convert your foreign driver’s license to a Japanese license.

A foreign driver’s license’s holder needs to convert the license into a Japanese license in order to drive in Japan. Depending to the license issuing country, required documents and procedures are different.

Necessary documents for converting foreign driver’s license to Japanese license.

  • Foreign driver’s license   
  • Japanese translation of the foreign driver’s license
  • A copy of Residence certificate which verifies your nationality
  • Passport【You may be asked to present your expired passport(s) to verify the time of acquisition of your foreign driver’s license 】
  • An identity photo【L3cm x W2.4cm; with face and shoulder, taken within the last 6months】

Other supplementary documents.

  • Provisional Driving License     
  • Identity Card (ID card)  
  • Driving record certificate or etc.


  1. The information above is just for your reference in brief. Additional documents or procedure may be required depending on your particular case.
  2. According to the time of acquisition of your license and the date you enter Japan, your international driving license or foreign driver’s license may be not admitted depending on the road safety rules of Japan.

Please contact your embassy, consulate, JAF centers or driving license centers directly for updated information.

Hokushin Driving License Center
 Address 704-2, Kawanakajima-machi-hara, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken
 Business Hours 8:30 ~17:00
 (Except Sat, Sun, Public holidays and Dec 29-Jan 3)
 Phone : 026-292-2345

Traffic Rules

Transfer Car Ownership

Light Car (Yellow Plate)

Light motor car

Check list of necessary items.

  Items 項目


Vehicle Inspection Certificate.



Name seal of new and old owners. (Inkan registration certificate is not required.)


Make sure both seller and buyer have stamped on the forms before submitting.



proof of New user's current address. (A Resident Certificate or an Inkan Certificate)

 ※You must bring along the hanko if you use an inkan certificate as address proof.




Power of Attorney

Application form(PDFファイル:46.6KB)


Necessary documents may vary case-by-case. Please consult the staff in advance.

Light motor vehicle inspection association, Nagano Office, Matsumoto Branch
 Address 1-11, hirata-higashi 2-chome, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano-ken
 Business Hours 8:45 ~11:45, 13:00~16:00(Final reception 15:30)
 (Except Sat, Sun, Public holidays and Dec 29-Jan 3)
 Phone : 050-3816-1855
 ※Coverage「松本 (Matsumoto) Number」,「諏訪 (Suwa) Number」

Standard-Sized Car (White Plate)

standard-sized car

 Check list of necessary items.


Items 項目


Certificate of Assignment

Certificate Form(PDFファイル:3KB)



Inkan(name seal)Certificate of new and old owners.



新使用者の住民票または印鑑証明(Juminhyo or Inkan-syoumeisho)

Resident Certificate or Inkan Certificate of new user.

※Needed only when the user is NOT the owner. (所有者と使用者が違う場合のみ)




Vehicle Inspection Certificate.




Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Form(PDFファイル:2.9KB)

※Needed if either of the current or new owners cannot go to the office;

or if a third party submits the registration form on behalf of both current and new owners.


Necessary documents may vary case-by-case. Please consult the staff in advance.

Department of Transportation - Matsumoto Branch Office
 Address 5-10, hirata-higashi, 2-chome, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano-ken
 Business Hours 8:45~11:45, 13:00~16:00
 (Except Sat, Sun, Public holidays and Dec 29-Jan 3)
 Phone : 050-5540-2043


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