Hakuba Village Child and Family Support Center “Ohisama”

Our mission

Child and Family Support Center “ Ohisama” has come into service from July 2, 2018. 
We aim at providing care and support to the child raising family from pregnancy period until the child turns 18-year-old. Please feel free to consult with our public nurse and counsellor whenever you have any worries about parenting.

Our service

Pregnancy ・ Before / After birth

  1. When you bring the pregnancy confirmation letter from the doctor to our counter, we will provide you a “Maternal and Child Health Handbook”. (Boshi-techo)
  2. We help make your own parenting plan for before / after birth; we also provide all kinds of information that you might need regarding your pregnancy or parenting life.
  3. You may feel free to consult with our nurse, counsellor, or even through our center to get contact with the professionals in a particular field.


  1. Consultation about school admission ・job seeking and other family / school problems
    Face-to-face or phone consultation is available. Please call for an appointment.
    Business day & hours : Monday - Friday ; 8:30 A.M.~Noon & 1 P.M.~5P.M.
    (exclude public holidays・Dec 29-Jan3)
  2. Baby play groups
    1. Play group “Asobi-no-kyoshitsu”
      Helping the pre-school child to develop social skills and prepare for the school life
    2. Physical activity group “Mini-circuit- no-hiroba”
      Having fun physical activities to develop balanced physical abilities
      Target : 1-year-old child and the parents
    3. Play group “Aozora-kyoshitsu”
      Through playing in a group to develop physical skills, to learn problem solving and social communication skills
      Advance booking is necessary.
      Target : 2-year-old child and the parents
  3. Holding of Parents’ seminar
    About parental training ・Child rearing tips
  4. Conducting of class monitoring
    Our counsellors will pay regular visits to the schools to observe the child’s development and provide necessary support to each child according to their needs. 
  5. Assisting all kinds of health screening programs
  6. Keeping in touch with related associations and organizations so as to provide our villagers the up-to-date information and the best support

New Online Service

  1. Parenting app “Ohisama Memories”
    Helps you keep the health record of both mother and child; reminding you about the vaccination schedule
  2. Pediatric Care Online
    You may consult the doctors through LINE or on the phone, on weekdays 18:00 ~ 22:00. 
    (Appointment is needed)

Our Office

Address : 〒399-9393 Nagano-ken, Kitaazumi-gun, Hakuba-mura, Oaza Hokujo 7025
Fureai Center (3/F) Child Raising Support Division of Hakuba Board of Education
Tel : 0261-85-8101
Fax : 0261-85-0723
E-mail : kodomoshien@vill.hakuba.lg.jp


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電話番号:0261-72-7002 ファックス:0261-72-7001