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Illegal dumping and incineration are prohibited!

Open schedule of Matsukawa Bulky Waste Station 2020 and notice to prevent spread out of COVID 19


1.Please wear a mask when coming to the Matsukawa Bulky Waste Station. Those who do not wear a mask will not be allowed to enter.

2.Please refrain from coming to the Matsukawa Bulky Waste Station if you have any of the following:

・When the body temperature is more than 1℃ above normal or 37.5℃.

・When you have symptoms such as coughing, breathing difficulties, fatigue, taste and smell disturbances.

・You must have traveled abroad within 2 weeks.

・When you have contacted with a patient with a new coronavirus infection (including suspected person) within 2 weeks.


  June July August September October November
Open 14 12 - 13 11 8
25 15(the 3rd Sun)

Fiscal year of Reiwa 2/2020

※It will not open in August.

※If it is only once a month, it opens on the second Sunday of the month.

※There will be no change in opening hours. (9 a.m. to noon)

Handling Fee for Bulky Waste Will Be Revised on Oct. 1

Garbage Collection & Recycling

“Gomi” ごみ (also written as ゴミ) is the Japanese word for garbage.
Garbage sorting and recycling in Japan is a very serious business. Proper garbage disposal according to the local rules is one of the essential manners in this country.

In Hakuba, gomi is basically classified into 19 types.

< ” ”The name commonly called in Japanese.>

 There is specific detailed guidance on each type of gomi; Generally speaking, you will need to sort, clean and dry them, and then put them out in separate bags on the designated day.
 The following guideline and poster help you understand the garbage sorting practice in Hakuba Village. 

Circumstances have changed and recycling collection of clothing and cloth has been suspended from June 2020.  This is a temporary measure and once things return to normal from the COVID19 measure, it will start collecting again.


Garbage sorting guide:

Hakuba Sanroku Clean Center

Matsukawa Bulky Waste Station


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